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AOG – Aircraft on Ground Services

We specialize in ‘around the clock’ nationwide deliveries which allow ‘Aircraft on Ground’ to become ‘Aircraft in the Air’ as quickly as possible!

When an aircraft is standing and you need a reliable, secure, experienced courier service you can depend on for priority deliveries, we are ready and able to respond immediately to your urgent requirements.

24 hours a day, every day

We provide AOG (Aircraft On Ground) services to airlines with an urgent requirement for the delivery of parts or supplies to airports, maintenance facilities and cargo areas throughout the UK that are essential to get an aircraft back in service. We also provide service to aircraft parts suppliers making sure that parts reach the aircraft as quickly as possible.

This has required us to transport everything from small precision components to large major components and spares such as instruments, panels and spare wheels.

We understand the utmost urgency in getting an aircraft ready for flight as quickly as possible so whether it needs new avionics, a spare tyre or even something simple, we will get the part to where it needs to be; quickly and securely.

For more information or to get you urgent things moving, just contact us and we’ll do the rest for you.

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