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Examination Services

Express collection and direct delivery of Examination papers and assessments.

It is a sad fact of life that examination papers have, in the past, and still do, go missing and get lost from vans. In 2005, the Guardian reported ‘losses’ of examination papers from a national carriers’ van en route to the AQA examining board.

In 2015, the Mail reported that ‘British exam boards ‘estimate’ hundreds of A-level results each year due to cases when papers have been ‘lost in the post’.

We have the answer for you!

We provide secure express collection of examination papers and direct delivery to appropriate examining bodies. Whether it be GCSE’s, A Levels, BTEC’s or even degrees and higher, we can collect examination papers and securely deliver them directly. Nothing is sorted and nothing is lost. One person collects the papers and the same person delivers them

There is no more secure method of transporting examination papers than collection and direct delivery.

We also cater for entrance examination papers for the civil service, Police, Ambulance and military use.

So, don’t leave it to chance, call us today.